Plans and Places

We’ve booked flights! It’s all suddenly becoming very real…

Here is our itinerary so far:

  • Fly out of London (mid-August).
  • Brief stopover in Dubai.
  • Arrive in the Maldives for a second honeymoon (we got married in August 2015) on the local island of Maafushi. We discovered through the very helpful Lauren at that budget travel in the Maldives is possible, and have already booked to stay at a local guesthouse called Shadow Palm.
  • Brief stopover in Colombo, Sri Lanka for one night.
  • Arrive in Singapore. We then have three weeks until our flight out of Singapore. We plan to spend most of this time travelling around the Indonesian islands.
  • Fly Singapore to Australia (mid-September). We have scheduled 5 weeks in Aus and will focus on travelling down the East Coast – north to south.
  • Fly from Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand (late October)

And that’s as far as we’ve got! When we started thinking about travelling, we knew that New Zealand was going to be a really key destination for us. Ever since my brother went there on his gap year in 2006, I had deep NZ envy and knew I had to go one day. Thank goodness I married a man who shared the same desire! Our main focus there is to do some WWOOFing, getting to know locals and feeling as though we are doing something useful. Between jobs we’ll travel around and get to know the country. At the moment, we feel as though we may be there for a few months, but who knows…

After that, the world is our oyster! We have no plans beyond NZ at the moment; the anticipation of the unknown in 2017 is so exciting, and it feels freeing to have no fixed agenda for who we will meet, what we will do and where the road will take us. People ask if it’s scary, but I feel no fear… just pure excitement.

In other news, I’ve just received James’ birthday present through the post… an Osprey Farpoint 40 ready to test drive to see if it’s the bag for us! We (potentially ambitiously) plan to travel with hand luggage only, and have heard that this is the bag to go for. Keep your eyes peeled for another post on that once we’ve done a test pack!


2 thoughts on “Plans and Places

  1. You’re itinerary is literally amazing! As you’re over that side of the world (or where I am at the moment) I would certainly suggest Fiji. I am here for about a month and it is cheap and there are some stunning islands to visit! There are also direct flights to LA/ San Francisco if you fancied visiting the USA 😊


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