Bucket List

Last week, I told my tutor group and all my classes that I had handed in my notice and was leaving school to go travelling. After putting this off for some months, it had become quite a monumental task, and it turned out to be quite an emotional day since, I must admit, I am rather emotionally attached to the little blighters.

This news was greeted by various responses:

“That’s so sad.”
“Who is our new tutor going to be?”
“Can we come with you?”
“We love you Miss” (#humblebrag).
“You HAVE to post us back a didgeridoo!” (This was a genuine comment).

As I think I may have mentioned before, I not only want this trip to be an inspiring time for James and me, but I also want to be an example to my students, that they might be able to see that ordinary people can do extraordinary things just by being a little bit brave! So in an attempt to include them in our journey, I asked them to come up with a bucket list, or a list of challenges, for us to try and complete while we’re away. And it may give us some ideas for activities to do if, you know, we get bored or something in between meeting  orangutans in Indonesia and driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia…

THE BUCKET LIST – please note that all edits from original post are added in italics!

Bungee jump (3 votes)
Sleep in bunk bedsoriginally completed in Singapore and now many other locations.
Find a coconut – many, many coconuts found in various places in Asia!
Go snorkelling completed in the Maldives, Indonesia and Australia.
Have a barbecue in Australia
Cliff jumping (2 votes)
Visit a koala sanctuary
Cuddle a koala
Put an engraved lock on a bridge
Try to find a wild kangaroo – completed in Australia
Find the weirdest flavour of ice cream
Try and write a book about your travels
Read a book in a tree (don’t fall out)
Skydive (5 votes)
Play and buy a didgeridoo
Get a pet koala
Mountain climbing (3 votes) -one of our favourite climbs so far has been Roy’s Peak in Wanaka, New Zealand, at an elevation of 1,578 metres and with some of the best viws we’ve seen in our lives.
Swim with dolphins (3 votes) does it count if they were swimming next to the boat we were in?
Try the native food – completed in Bali amongst many other places! We also tried a Maori hangi in New Zealand.
Get an Australian accent – we’ll have to prove this upon our return…
Ride an elephant
Watch the sunrise – completed in Bali, and so many other places!
Go to a water park
Go to a theme park
Go scuba diving – completed in Australia (Great Barrier Reef)
Try a meal you’ve never eaten before (3 votes) kangaroo!
Enjoy yourself 🙂
Swim with sharks we got up close and personal with a white tip reef shark in Australia
Swim with a crocodile – we got up close and personal with crocodiles from our boat at the Daintree River near Cape Tribulation in Australia. That’s the closest we plan to get!
Sit on a rock
Sit on a seat
Go in a cave in the sea – Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel, New Zealand.
Find a dragon fruit
Have a McDonald’s breakfast in the afternoon
Take a photo with a meerkat
Hug a duckling – I petted some ducks that were attempting to get into our campervan in Queenstown, New Zealand!
Eat a coconut
 – It was gross. I don’t think it was ripe enough.
Jump off a waterfall (don’t die, don’t miss the waterfall)
Go to Sydney Opera House – we watched ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and it was awesome!
Eat a kangaroo burger or an unusual burger in Australia – kangaroo meat isn’t my favourite…




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