Which book to take?

With our departure a mere six days away, James and I have decided that it may soon be time for the first test pack, to see how much we can possibly fit in our backpacks.

Now that my hair conundrum is sorted (phew), my attention is focused on an even more pressing issue: books.


For those who know me, I am a reading junkie. I own a kindle but have never enjoyed that reading experience as much as clutching a good old trusty paperback. I have, therefore, decided to shun the electronics and go old school with a ‘proper’ book, taking a single – ok, possibly two – books with me on the trip. Depending on how quickly I get through it/them at the airport, this could be a fatal error and I will be eating my words within a week. However, in my mind I have a very idyllic image of coming across other travelling folk along the way who are willing to swap, share and lend books, and if not, then surely most (if not all) of our destinations will have an English language book shop within a 2-mile radius of wherever we are. Right?

So… is this a good idea? Should I be embracing technology or relying on the goodwill of others to feed my reading addiction? And most pressingly, if I am to have only one (possibly two) books in this relatively small bag of mine, what on earth should they be? Suggestions welcome please.



10 thoughts on “Which book to take?

  1. I had the same issue! But…I have managed to stick with my kindle! Also, I have found being in different places that, hostels especially, have a book area where you can help yourself or leave one and take another! And I have also swapped books with people in the past! Hope that helps and have fun!


  2. I take my kindle on trips. But you’re right nothing beats a good old actual book.. But youth hostels also usually have a fair few books. Maybe you’ll find a tiny lending library on your travels too. There were a few in the USA..

    Safe travels x


  3. Loving your blog Abi what a great idea! Most hostels have a book exchange so you’ll be sorted along the way. Looking forward to pics of the Maldives! Happy travels! X


  4. am catching up with your blog as I didn’t get the reminders I thought I would get that you have posted! am wondering what book you took in the end, but perhaps I’ll discover that if I keep reading …..


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