Leaving Home: Emotion and Adventure

Sunday was difficult. With goodbyes galore, my emotions absolutely got the better of me and the tears flowed. James, of course, stayed solid as a rock throughout (although I’m pretty sure I saw one eye glisten when he hugged his mum).

In all seriousness, though, Sunday was the first (and I really mean the first) time that I got scared about what we were doing, that some doubts crept in. Why would we wave goodbye to our families, our friends, our house, our security? As a bit of a home girl, I think that feeling was completely normal, but at the time I felt guilty that I wasn’t purely buzzing with excitement.

I posted a picture a while ago about leaving your comfort zone… I don’t agree completely with the image, which stated that the end of your comfort zone is where ‘life begins’, but I absolutely believe, from experience, that many of our biggest adventures and learning curves and lessons in life are found when we do things that make us feel uncomfortable and scared. So I held on to that.

As it turns out, almost as soon as I got on the plane, the nerves subsided and gave way to excited anticipation. Phew…


All that excited anticipation eventually got the better of me.

More on the journey and our stay in the Maldives later this week!


2 thoughts on “Leaving Home: Emotion and Adventure

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