Flora, Fauna and Fakery: Out West in the USA

It has been three weeks since we left the green hills of New Zealand, and since then we have had to swiftly leave our slow-paced rhythm of life behind us. With a mere five weeks in the USA, and endless possibilities of things to see and do, we are zipping around trying to cram in some of the top hot spots while we’ve got the chance. Our time on the west side has provided us with some fascinating juxtapositions of the beautiful and the bizarre! Continue reading


Farewell to New Zealand: Making New Friends and Revisiting Old Ones

The Hawkes Bay Caravan Club: The Joy of Intergenerational Friendship

After completing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, we had one desire and one desire only: have a hot shower. We ideally wanted this to be coupled with a decent campsite, less than an hour’s drive from the end of the track (we had just been walking for ten hours after all), which wasn’t obscenely overpriced just because it was in the vicinity of Tongariro. This brief luxury for a night would be enough to revitalise us and send us on our way, back to the squalor of our far more basic, one-long-drop-toilet-between-80-people freedom campsites. Continue reading

Generosity in Unexpected Places: New Zealand’s Open Arms (Part 1)

In attempting to describe the hospitality we have experienced in New Zealand, I could provide you with numerous examples: the family who took us in on Christmas Day and fed us with traditional Maori cuisine (hangiย – bucket list item complete); the couple we met for half an hour at a community lunch who offered us their house in case we ever needed a ‘proper’ bed to sleep in as opposed to our campervan; our third wwoof hosts who treated us as family, taking us out in their boat and teaching us to waterski… the list really does go on. Continue reading

Exploring the North Island 1: Campervanning Adventures Around New Zealand’s Fish Tail

In we ran, clothes left strewn on the sand* and the sun only just peeping up over the hill behind us, where we had left our campervan de-fogging in the early morning light with the rest of the snoozing campground. Underfoot was a multitude of crushed, colourful shells, and around us the sea mist was lifting to reveal that we were the only two living souls on the whole of this beautiful, atmospheric bay. Continue reading